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"It's not you, it's me.  Well, it's not not you, I guess, but it's mostly me."

"Look, just try not to take it too hard..."

You're a college freshman with college freshman problems: you've got an awful professor, your roommate's kind of a flake, and this week really just hasn't been going your way.  Luckily, you've got just the thing planned for this weekend: a night in the woods with the girl you've been (sorta?) seeing and your new (sorta?) friends.  But things are never that easy.  As you receive strange phone calls and hear concerning noises from beyond the treeline, tensions arise in your small camp, and choices must be made that will determine your fate... or, at least, the fate of your relationships with your friends.

Don't Take it Personally, I Just Don't Like You is a lo-fi relationship dramedy about camping illegally on government property in the chill of early autumn, having public anxiety attacks in crowded shopping malls, the people we choose to be with, and what we do when they don't choose us back.  In this demo, you'll be introduced to several characters and locations from the full game (including two romanceable characters!) in a fully self-contained, hour-long story.

Demo Features:

  • Play as a guy, gal, or non-binary pal.
  • Go on a camping trip with two of your friends (I heard one of them likes you!)
  • Four different endings.
  • Listen to some chill beats by Lofi Dreams.
  • Share your deepest fears.
  • Drink in the woods and plan the fall of capitalism.

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Development log


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Hello! Can I ask how you did to make that kind of box for the texts together with the font you used? I like it a lot for my project, but I can't understand how to make one. Thanks a lot :)

This game was a really nice experience! I loved the character designs and the characters themselves were really interesting, I definitely would like to see more of them. My only complaint is that the VHS effect kind of started to strain my eyes after a while. Overall I really enjoyed playing it, can't wait for the full game! :)

Thanks for your kind words and constructive feedback! There will be options to tone down or turn off those effects in the full release.


I like the design of the game... The story and characters are cool, too. I'm waiting for more :)


just finished the prequell and i'm definitely interested! Do you have any estimation of when the full game will release and it's price?

Hey thanks! The full game will be out around Valentine's day of next year, and will be launching at $20 with five routes at around 15 hours of total content. . 


is it possible to get with todd while using he/him pronouns?

Sorry but Todd is not dateable.


Wow! just wow!

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the full game!


Hi! Are you interested in translating the game to spanish? I'm a native speaker, and I'll gladly do it for free! I love this game and I'd love to translate it for you!


Love the mood.


Thank you so much!


Really enjoyed the setting of your game with it having a VHS interface, and distortions to the interface when tension raises. :D 

Thanks!  Wait till you see what we do with the full game


A friend and I just finished this and it was very cute. One thing that came up was we wished the scanline filter was an option we could take off, as it made reading dialogue difficult. Otherwise, well written and interesting. :D

Hey thanks!  That will definitely be a feature of the full game.


Straight up FIRE

glad you enjoyed it!


Hello! I'm currently playing your game on my channel. I love the vibe and art style, especially the whole VHS theme. 


Hey thanks for your great commentary!


I sawed the game on KickStarter and I imeditialy became interested about it. I love the soundtrack, the art style and the game UI as well, I really like Maria's personality and the fact that everytime something goes wrong for Rose, her surprised sprite appears for a moment and the static on the screen increases, it makes me remember Monika from DDLC. I haven't finished the demo yet but decided to come here to say that this game has a lot of potential and that I will definitely buy the full version once it comes out. Amazing work!! :) 

Thank you for your kind words! I hope you enjoy the rest of the demo.


When I first began playing the demo, I had some slight trouble reading the dialogue because of the "VHS lines" effect in the text box. I'm glad I persevered, though, because I ended up really liking Rose's character; I look forward to her route in the full game. I've just pledged money and become a backer on Kickstarter.

Hey, thanks so much for your support and your kind words! Due to feedback, there will be options to turn down the VHS filter effects or to disable them completely in the full game. I've also lowered the intensity of some of these features as a default. 


You're welcome, and thank you for the response! I look forward to the full game, especially Rose's route since I really liked her character in the demo.

Glad you feel this way! Rose's route is one we are all particularly proud of.

seems pretty cool but the vibe and the dialogue definitely feels much more like 2006 than the 90s...


i am jukebox guy

lol you may be right!

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Heyo im a friend of lofi dreams and i loved how you spliced his music!! and i cant wait till the full version comes out cause i loved it! will the full version be free?


The full version will be paid, and it will contain five routes each around three hours long. 


Heyyo, just wanted to ask if the tv static thing from the trailer happens a lot in the game and if there's an option to turn that off or lower it. It hurts my eyes and I get a slight headache. 


Hi, thanks for your comment! The static is an occasional feature in this demo but isn't a constant or persistent threat. The full game will feature an option to turn it down further or turn it off altogether. 

Ok! Thank you!


Absolutely magnificent. Compliments to the Chef. Always down to plan the fall of capitalism. Maria is an awesome character


Hey, Just wanted to stop by and say I think this demo was very well done. I rarely comment on anything but I wanted to compliment you/the team behind this. From the art style to the music. The dialog was very well written & the game had a great atmosphere.

Hey, thank you so much! Your kind words mean a lot.


can't believe this was only the demo! Loved the writing and art so much, and I'm still working towards that last ending. Had a great time playing it :)


I loved this!! Can't wait for the full game!


Oh god I didn't realize this was a demo. That felt like a full game, I'm so excited to see more!


i love itttt

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Nice little demo. Waiting for a full game. Good writing, nice art, great music. Rose is the best! Hope the full game won't be too scary 'cos I don't like horrors.

I enjoyed this demo quite a bit! Would love to see more Rose in the full game, I like her quite a lot.


Really enjoyed this demo! I loved the whole 90's VHS vibe that the game carried. The aesthetics of the characters were really cool too.

I also really loved how you're supporting music creators by putting the Lofi Dreams tracks into the game, as a fellow music producer I really appriciate that. Can't wait to see more from this!

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This was pretty fun! However, I'm a little confused. Is this just a prologue to the full game? Are there going to be additional romance options in the full game? Little disappointed I didn't get a kiss at the end. lol


Glad you enjoyed the game! It's intended to be a prequel/proof of concept that introduces a few characters and sets the tone for the main game.  The full game will contain five story paths following Maria, Rose, and three other characters.  

And yes, you'll probably get that kiss at the end.


This game was a ton of fun and the writing really kept me interested. Lowkey started to hate Rose (not because she was poorly written! Her writing was great! It's just because I agree/relate way more with Maria) but I guess that's a good thing, 'cause writing doesn't always make me feel actual emotions (tm). Anyways, I also love the aesthetic. I see some people think it's an eyesore but it honestly just makes the experience that much better for me. I feel like it binds the 2D art with real photos pretty well, like otherwise they might feel more jarring together or something. Idk, that's just my thoughts.

Loved the demo, can't wait for more!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's been interesting seeing all the ways people have reacted to two very different characters, I look forward to the reactions everyone has to the full cast!


Oh dang, ONLY a demo?? I had a blast playing this!!! I'm very excited to see the final product- the vibes and writing are fantastic. Definitely reminds me of real life friend groups and their complicated dynamics. Can't wait to see more!!!

Thank you! Stay tuned for more later this year!


I liked this a lot! Pretty sure I got all endings, and I enjoyed the bit of meta-conversation you have with Anne about the dating sim she's playing. I wasn't sure how the story with Maria would turn out, since she seems somewhat cold towards you, but I thought her ending was quite cute and I'm excited to see more!

(Also as somebody else already pointed out, some gender-specific things aren't right, but I just wanna mention that I appreciate the option of they/them a lot, and seeing Rose refer to me as an 'individual' rather than what I assume to be 'man'/'woman' was very nice. Thank you for that!!)


Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'll be sure to fix that issue in the next update, and the full game will also contain an option for they/them pronouns.

Tried playing the game, but my system flagged it as a high risk and placed it into quarantine? I downloaded the Windows version.

Huh, not sure about that. I haven't heard about that before.

Yeah same thing happened here


Had a fun playthrough, was surprised to see it was just a demo, and now I'm excited to see the whole thing!

We're excited to show it off! Glad you enjoyed the demo!


Hello! When I try to download the PC version of this in app, it says there's no compatible uploads. Do you have any idea why this is? Thank you!

Hmm, I think I've fixed that issue. Let me know if you run into any more issues


hi i just downloaded this game and it looks really great but the filters really hurt my eyes and i was wondering if there would be a way to turn them off ?


Hey thank you for your interest! I will be adding the ability to turn off the vhs filter in the near future. Please follow or check back in soon, I will post a dev log when the update is ready and available.


Great music, great aesthetic, enjoyable characters. I understand some people feeling the VHS look is a bit straining although it didn't personally bother me. I'd love to see a full game come of this!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more, and if you're interested I post updates and screenshots on twitter and instagram!


Hey, great game! even though i only managed to get 3/4 endings (if the checking on todd thing even counts as one, that is)
Uuh, my pronouns seemed to change halfway through the game, and the VHS-ish filter is a bit of an eyesore, a way to tone it down or turn it off would be really great djasijasidjas

Still a really fun game, looking forward to the full release.

ALSO if you ever need translations done for the game I'd be happy to help with a portuguese adaptation

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hello, I played your game twice because I took a "Game Over" going to see Todd (I'm a person worried about friends) and on the second I did the ending with Rose, because it is very clear that she has feelings for the MC and it’s kind of hard to reject it. The characters presented are very interesting and resemble people that we have in our cycle of friends, even though Todd, Anne and Sarah did not show up, they made me curious to have more of them and I will look forward to the launch of the game, the only criticism I have is that the pronouns are leaving in some places in the wrong way, but other than that, excellent work, success <3 (forgiveness for mistakes, I'm Brazilian with English level still far from ideal)
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Idk man... so far they reeeaaally seem to like me. :P

I've gotten 4 endings. Unless there's some super secrets, I doubt I missed anything.

The game has a very interesting 90s aesthetic. I feel it could be even more apparent with color (for example, if Rose's outfit were yellow like Alicia Silverstein's Clueless get-up), but I'm trusting that the black&white sprites were a conscious decision -- especially since the two ending CGs were in color. 

The characters.... grew on me, but it took a bit of time. Maria seemed a bit inconsistent, playfully teasing me about canoodling with Rose one moment, and then being pissed the next moment I choose to stay with Rose. And then apologizing for being angry, saying she totally understands why I would choose Rose. ???Que???

Perhaps this is because it's the playthrough where I tried to be a good friend and hang out with them equally. I understand Maria has mixed feelings, but still, maybe that could have been shown a bit more through dialogue.

There's a Very Special Moment after the Campfire Drama happens, if I side with Maria, go talk to Rose, and uh... still side with Maria? I reminded me of another game that I won't name, and I couldn't help wondering if the game would take a darker turn. But so far, that was the only Special Moment I found.

Transitions for both sprites and music are a bit abrupt. I'd recommend trying out something like "with dissolve" and "fadein 1.5" respectively. Especially when the static overlay of disapproval starts -- it'd be good to still have a little music fading out.

There's a very nice narrative touch when Maria goes quiet if you choose to bitch about your parents.

One complaint: when searching for the matches, I wanted to stay at camp by myself. Rose could just go with Maria... It seemed like a good compromise to me! lol. But when I elected to stay at camp, the narration unfortunately assumed I was choosing Rose.  :(

Some playtesting notes:

Since I played as a girl, there were a could of missed gender-cues.

Maria "Her not-boyfriend just took some other girl's side in an argument." (And then the next two subsequent lines. Boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend lol.)

Also: "Like, in high school, you didn't want to be the kid who talked about his parents."

And a couple typos:

"Afraid I'll peak?"  Should be "peek" I think lol.

Maria "Well, okay Rose, two option here." Should be two options.

This was all I could find; at the beginning I was too busy trying to get a feel for the game and didn't let myself get distracted my any minor errors. About halfway through though, I was pretty confident that nothing was out to get me in the dark woods, and was comfortable jotting down some notes.

Overall, I had enough fun that I would be down to see these characters again. Had a bit of an iffy experience naming myself "Mia," though, since we sounded like triplets born to confuse people lmao. Maria, Mia, and Rose.... It's like a tongue twister.

When the next DTIPIJDLY comes out I'll definitely be named something else. :)


Thanks for the feedback, especially the playtesting notes! I don't know how the pronouns slipped through there, I'll be sure to catch those in this weekends update. 

I'll also say that you've caught the only Very Special Scene... for now. And that you don't have to worry too much about it being like a certain unnamed game.  The knives aren't coming out anytime soon, and you'll need to worry about a lot more than JUST ROSE.


I saw this posted on reddit! Just the writing on this download page reads pretty well. I'll give this a download and leave a follow-up comment when I'm done playing. :)